Amino- Healthy Pain Relief Alternative to NSAIDs

Why AminoActive?

AminoActiv® is the effective and safe choice for relief from inflammation and pain. And because it is based on natural components of the body’s own healing processes, rather than just relieving pain, it also helps to promote faster recovery of damaged tissue.

Get Pain Relief Without NSAID Side Effects

AminoActiv offers a safe alternative to popular non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs known as NSAIDs (e.g. ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, etc.)

It is clinically known that NSAID side effects include stomach bleeding and kidney toxicity. Other NSAID side effects include impeding protein synthesis, repair of tendons and ligaments, and bone recalcification. NSAIDs also increase oxidative stress in the body.

Safety and necropsy studies performed at a major university medical center have demonstrated that AminoActiv has no toxic side effects. Its mechanism of action (MOA) does not inhibit cyclooxegenase enzymes – so unlike most popular NSAIDs, AminoActiv is not a COX inhibitor.

Also, studies show that AminoActiv delivers the same dose-related anti-inflammation properties as a major NSAID (Ibuprofen). As an effective alternative to Ibuprofen, AminoActiv avoids the Ibuprofen side effects.

Use AminoActiv capsules and cream to relieve:

StayActiv vs. Ibuprofen


"This morning I woke with the worst shoulder strain I had ever had. I was going to go the doctor/therapist or chiropractor, but could not get an appointment. This evening, my wife gave me two AminoActiv capsules, and within an hour, the pain dissipated. AMAZING!!!"

— Steve S


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