FlexNow™.... the most powerful inflammation fighters found in any botanical.

FlexNow Joint Formula

FlexNow Joint Formula is a new patent-pending all natural dietary supplement that offers a totally new approach to joint health. FlexNow helps stimulate joint health by reducing joint specific inflammation, reducing joint pain and cartilage deterioration, allowing you to move freely again*. SheaFlex70™ is the only ingredient found exclusively in FlexNow.

SheaFlex70, is the only ingredient found exclusively in FlexNow. SheaFlex70 (shea triterpenes), is considered to be one of the most powerful inflammation fighters found in any botanical*. Triterpenes from the pit of the shea fruit are used by most plants for better health, but the triterpenes found in FlexNow Joint Formula are unique in the botanical world for their joint specific inflammation reducing properties contributing to the significant reduction of both joint pain and cartilage deterioration for people with painful joints*.

FlexNow Joint Formula is totally different than glucosamine. FlexNow helps reduce joint specific inflammation and reduces the breakdown of the most abundant collagen in cartilage, type II collagen. Glucosamine is belived to work on glycoproteins, a smaller component of cartilage than type II collagen. You may take FlexNow with glucosamine.

Simply take three FlexNow softgels once daily with food. It's that easy! We recommend you take FlexNow with food so you experience more efficient absorption.

You will see results within 30 - 60 days.

At this time there are no known interactions with medications, including Coumadin®, when taking FlexNow. Also of interest is a study that was done on the gasteric system verses both placebo and ibuprofen for any adverse effects on the gasteric system. The study showed no gasteric effects with either FlexNow or placebo.

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What is a triterpene?

Triterpenes are a group of active natural compounds found in a multitude of plants. These compounds give most plants antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial protection. While triterpenes keep plants in good health, the shea triterpenes are distinctive in the botanical world for their ability to reduce inflammation in humans.

Is FlexNow related to shea butter?

Yes, FlexNow and shea butter are both products of the shea fruit. Shea oil has been used as the primary source of food oil for cooking for over 2,000 years in a large portion of Africa, and started being used in Western diets in 1913. Today the two major uses of shea oil and butter in Western countries are in:
Chocolate products in Europe, and in the USA and Europe, as an ingredient in cosmetic products due to its soothing and healing effects on the skin, a property well-known for centuries in Africa.

There are no known allergies to FlexNow. And since the active ingredient is made from the pit of the fruit, not a nut, there are no known cross allergenicities for those allergic to nuts.

Directions: Take three (3) FlexNow softgels once daily with food.

Note: Just as your joint problems gradually worsened over time. FlexNow needs a little time to decrease stiffness and improve joint health. Use daily for 30 days to experience the soothing benefits of FlexNOw. Continue to enjoy the benefits of FlexNOw by taking it regularly.

Supplement Facts: Serving Size 3 Softgels
Servings per Container 30
SheaFlex 70 2250 mg Butyrospermum (pit)

FlexNow Joint Formual

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