FAQ about BioCalth®

  1. Q: I have been taking calcium supplementation for a long time. Why should switch to BioCalth®?

    BioCalth® is not only more effective and bioavailable in the management of bone and joint problems than regular calcium supplements, but it also enhances healthy bone and cartilage growth.

  2. Q: There are many calcium products on the market, how do they compare with BioCalth®?

    BioCalth® is in its own league, for no other calcium product on the market is covered by US Patents for "preventing inhibiting and curing osteoporosis and rickets", "method for treating cartilage related diseases", and "method for treating bone fractures".

  3. Q: I have been hearing a lot about coral calcium, won't that supply my bones with the calcium that is needs?

    A: Coral Calcium is derived from ancient sea beds. In the manufacturing process coral is ground into a fine powder which essentially makes it a calcium carbonate product that contains some additional minerals. The body does not readily absorb calcium carbonate, so it is less effective than BioCalth®

  4. Q: I understand that BioCalth® is used in other parts of the world. Why is it just now available in the U.S.?

    Application for the US patent is a time-consuming process that requires extensive scientific documentation.

  5. Q: Do doctors and health practitioners recommend BioCalth® to their patients?

    Yes. Doctors recommend BioCalth® to patients with osteoporosis, rickets, hypertension, bone fracture, and coronary problems.

  6. Q: At what age should I start taking BioCalth®?

    Healthy bones and teeth start at infancy from nutrition provided by the mother. It is important for all pregnant women and nursing mothers to maintain good bone health. BioCalth® can be given to children in our convenient chewable tab. It will provide BioCalth® to help a growing body. This chewable tab should be given to children 4 or older.

  7. Q: Typically what will I notice first when I start taking BioCalth® on a daily basis?

    Symptoms such as pain, cramps, and weakness may subside in the first week or so.

  8. Q: I currently take heart medications. Will BioCalth® interfere with any prescribed drugs?

    There are no known side effects to taking BioCalth®. But you should always check with your health practioner prior to taking any combination of drugs and supplements.

  9. Q: My mother was diagnosed as having osteoporosis. Should my mother start taking BioCalth®?

    Absolutely. BioCalth® will relieve her symptoms and may build healthy bones for her.

  10. Q: Deficiency in calcium is creating all kinds of health problems for the young and old. Will BioCalth® help address the problems associated with calcium deficiency?

    Yes. BioCalth® is absorbed 5 times more efficiently than regular calcium supplements and can effectively increase bone density.

  11. Q: Will BioCalth® upset my stomach?

    BioCalth® should not create any discomfort in your stomach. But some people find it useful to take BioCalth® with a meal.
  12. Q: I have defficulty swallowing pills. Can I grind the caplet up and then take them?

    Yes, you can also add it shakes and blended drinks for easy consumption.

  13. Q: Some calcium products have make me constipated. Can BioCalth® create this type of problem?

    No cases of constipation by use of BioCalth® have been reported.

  14. Q: My sister started taking BioCalth® and she said she had more energy. Is that possible?

    Yes. Calcium is vital in neural transmission and muscle strength, and an effecient calcium carrier like BioCalth® will certainly boost energy level.

  15. Q: My father starting take BioCalth®, and said that the pain he used to have in his arm went away. Is that possible?

    BioCalth® has had good results in pain reduction. BioCalth® is effective for production of compact bone cartilage, so symptoms may lessen as the damage in the bone repair.

  16. Q: I am a 47 47 year old woman who is premenopausal. Should I be taking BioCalth®?

    Yes. Start BioCalth® right away and start building healthy bones.

  17. Q: I am a 53 year old woman, and I have all the classic signs of menopause. Will BioCalth® be of help to me?

    Yes. Lowered estrogen levels in women at menopause is the main cause for calcium depletion in the bones.

  18. Q: I am a 79 year old woman and I recently broke my hip. Would I benefit from taking BioCalth®?

    Yes. BioCalth® is multi functional and designed to repair and protect the bones. It is beneficial to both young and old.

  19. Q: My cardiovascular doctor told me that I should be taking a calcium product that is readily absorbed. He said this would help keep my heart and cardiovascular system healthy. Would BioCalth® be the right product for me?

    Yes. The text book tells us that calcium is essential for bones, teeth, muscle contraction and relaxation, nerve functioning, blood clotting, blood pressure and immune defenses. BioCalth® is the right product for you.

  20. U.S. Patent Certificate:
    6,713,513 B2
    6,727,288 B2

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