BioCalth® Customer Experiences

Arnold Fox, M.D. stated on his Los Angeles based radio show that, "I like the idea of prevention. Prevention is better than treatment when it comes to bone and collagen loss. With BioCalth®, more calcium is deposited into the bone and cartilage, this helps inhibit bone and collagen loss and improve fragility. It's collagen that gives the strength to our bones. BioCalth® increase collagen production. Thsi gives our bones strength which is extremely important as we age."

Dr. Vagnini. Director of Cardiovascular Wellness Center in New York City said, "I recommended BioCalth® to my sister for protection against osteoporosis. It is also used as an adjunct therapy for arthritic and joint problems...I use BioCalth® for all my cardiac and hypertensive patients."

38-year-old Debbie in Washington has osteogenesis imperfecta (a congenital problem with collagen production) and has had numerous bone fractures since birth. She has been in constant pain all over her body for years. Her doctor has tried everything on her. She took calcium supplements with Vitamin D and prescription medication for years without getting much relief. After just one month on BioCalth®, she felt the pain subsiding. At the end of three months, she was thrilled and said that "I didn't have a single fracture for Three months! Her pain evaluation dropped from 42 points to only 16 points with the most improvement in her back and fingers.

Sandy, a 52 year old physician in Rosemead, CA says she has always been reserved about health foods. However, her prolonged problems with severe lumbar pain, cramps at night, and wrist joint pain alls show signs of osteoporosis. She took only one bottle of BioCalth® and her symptoms subsided. Now she takes her daily regimen of BioCalth® faithfully.

Mrs. Fox, 71, of Beverly Hills, CA after having seven children of her own she says, "My husband is a doctor, but I never took calcium regularly. I'd had leg weakness and stiff joints, so I tried BioCalth®. After only two days, my legs felt stronger. The stairs and long walks were no problem any more. This is simply unbelievable. I will continue to use BioCalth®."

A mechanical engineer ins Diamond Bar, CA, Sean had a broken metatarsal. "I started BioCalth® the third day after my operation because I was told that BioCalth® can stimulate bone growth." Sean can now walk normally as before. "My doctor said that my recovery is incredible. BioCalth® has made me a believer.

Joan is a 44 year old computer programmer. She said, "I work in the same sitting position through the whole day. It gives me sciatic nerve pain, and I have L3-L4 disc hernia. I took calcium tablets for a long time without getting any effect. I took BioCalth® for only a month and the pain lessened. BioCalth® really works wonders.

Leon, a high school counselor, had a clavicle fracture in July, 2001 that would not heal. His nutritionist recommended BioCalth®. He took two bottles of BioCalth® starting mid January of 2002. By March, his X-rays showed significant improvement and it wasn't painful any more.

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